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Must Be This Tall to Rebrand: How SNL Gets Away With It and You (Maybe) Can’t

It’s no secret that brands like Saturday Night Live (SNL) are constantly rebranding. And these transitions often seem effortless, but what really goes into making constant rebrands successful? Let’s explore the longevity of branding and why SNL can wipe its branding slate clean so often.

Why Established Companies Rebrand

SNL has been around since 1975, with its cast and skits changing constantly over the years. SNL rebranded for its fortieth anniversary in 2014, then again in 2018, with its most recent rebrand occurring just last year. SNL has established itself as a living, breathing entity, one that can change and grow with its audience. Once change is something company’s like SNL are known for, people grow accustomed to those changes and look forward to them as part of the brand’s overall identity. People love seeing something familiar get a makeover every once in awhile (think Pretty Woman or Shrek 2), so rebranding can be a great way for these companies to keep that top-of-mind freshness for their audiences. This gives them the freedom to rebrand however they want without worrying about alienating customers or losing sales. Rebranding is also beneficial for these companies because it keeps them relevant in an ever-changing media landscape and allows them to explore new ideas and concepts.

Rebranding for Startups

For new businesses, rebranding right off the bat can be risky. Building up brand

recognition takes time so, in the beginning, consistency is key. If your brand identity is always changing it doesn’t give customers time to develop an emotional connection — a branding pantry essential when it comes to creating loyal customers who keep coming back for more! So while established companies like SNL have a hall pass to continual rebrands, startups should focus on a strong, memorable foundation. Building your brand with consistency and confidence means building customer loyalty and trust, ie. building the future success of your business. This means taking the time to create an engaging logo design, website template, messaging strategy and voice, and anything else that helps your company define itself from the competition. And while rebrand isn’t always bad for startups (sometimes you have to start from scratch to make something great), developing a lasting brand identity should still be at the top of your list when launching a business.

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