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Our newest team member!

Updated: Feb 2

We are a little late in welcoming our newest team member, but we are excited to welcome Heléna Watts as the latest addition to Salt + Studio. She is an upcoming copywriter breaking the boundaries of what makes good content marketing. Heléna landed her first gig with us after we saw only one example of the work she’d completed as a hobby project. It was apparent at that point that her view toward the rules of design matched ours and she had a unique style that is hard to find these days. After completing her studies at UBC, Heléna came to work for us at Salt+Studio, where she wowed her first client with her quippy, memorable copy. Heléna embodies the values that we at Salt+Studio preach on the daily: daring to go outside the norm. Many people try their hand at copywriting these days, but not everyone has the masterfully unique talents Heléna has exhibited to us in her short time here. So please help us welcome her to the team and stay tuned for upcoming projects that feature her work!

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