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The Ghost Connection

When we talk about branding, what we really mean is IDENTITY. Why is identity so crucial to the success of a business? And how do we create it?

We live in a world of connectivity; everyone around us is striving to find their place, to be a part of something or feel a connection. Within the digital world, we have uncovered perpetual connectivity. This unlimited access to everything and everyone at all times, while extremely enabling, can also foster shallow connections, false feelings of community and an overall sense of invisibility.

The "ghost connection," as I like to call it, can leave you feeling lost. What are you a part of if the connection isn't true?

When you develop a brand, a personality and an identity, you create a tangible connection that your audience can be a part of.

This is where your marketing stops - a successful brand will capture its audience rather than try to impress them. Once an audience is captured, the community can build, and it becomes an entity, growing and evolving together. Your community becomes the food that feeds and nurtures your brand, and your brand becomes the plant that blossoms into a tree, giving and receiving.

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