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Mural for apothecary brand
brand book design for apothecary brand

Nettles + Fir

Nettles + Fir entrusted us with the task of crafting their brand identity to impeccably mirror their upscale apothecary offerings. With an unwavering commitment to natural ingredients and holistic health, their vision demanded a brand image that exuded excellence and authenticity. Leveraging our expertise, we meticulously curated a branding strategy that seamlessly married the allure of luxury with the essence of nature, accentuating the premium quality of their products. The result was a harmonious fusion of high-end aesthetics and organic imagery, meticulously tailored to elevate the Nettles + Fir brand to new heights of distinction.

Brand guidelines for apothecary brand
business card for apothecary brand
guy wearing hat that says badass firever
packaging design of soap
packaging design for coconut oil cream
packaging design for oils
packaging design of soap
packaging design for pump soap
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