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A Salty Story

Established in 2022, Salt + Studio stands as an acclaimed firm comprising skilled designers, strategists, artists, and writers, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dedicated to elevating brands to the forefront of their industries, our strategic designs are meticulously crafted to foster impactful identities that grow connections and sustainable growth.  A relatively young but already distinguished firm was rated as one of the top branding agencies in Vancouver by Clutch in both 2023 and 2024.

Sunset over a beath in the PNW

The SaltY Philosophy

Salt + Studio is a branding studio passionate about art, design, and nature.  The studio is not about cranking out designs or brands without purpose.  Branding is important to us, but having a healthy work-life balance is just as important.  Which is where the name comes from.  The culture around here is sharing our passion for nature.  We believe here at Salt + Studio that one must have a clear and healthy mindset to produce great work.  Like when a writer needs life experience to be able to tell good stories, we believe the same goes for design.  We see these opportunities for life experiences as research since this is a studio inspired by nature.  Our passion for design matches our passion for nature.  We love exploring new opportunities to develop strategies that speak to us and the world.

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