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mural for winery
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You Could be like me

The branding for this wine company resonates deeply with the ethos of mental health advocacy, challenging stereotypes, and fostering authenticity. Under the banner of I'm No Better, the brand confronts societal expectations and embraces the complexity of individuality and everyone being equal. With the tagline "You could be like me, but I'm no better," it encapsulates a message of empathy, acknowledging the struggles and triumphs inherent in the human condition. By intertwining the realms of wine and mental health, the brand offers a platform for destigmatization and open dialogue. Each bottle becomes a vessel for storytelling, inviting consumers to join in a shared journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

design of three bottles of wine
design of five bottles of wine.
woman with her hand in her hair
logo of the winery in front of woman with red lipstick
woman with her arms crossed
look book for winery
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