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design for a wellness brochure

Root Down Holistics

The branding for Root Down Holistics embodies a comprehensive approach to women's health. Rooted in the principles of holistic health, the brand seeks to empower individuals to achieve optimal well-being through personalized guidance and transformative experiences.  This is portrayed in a gentle delivery that encourages bettering themselves. 

We undertook the responsibility of enhancing and fine-tuning our client's website. Following an insightful discovery call, it became apparent that the existing brand did not align with the owner's identity. As a result, we executed a comprehensive rebranding initiative and assumed control over their marketing endeavors. The outcome was remarkable: within the first week alone, our client experienced a staggering 647% increase in revenue. Moreover, we successfully orchestrated the complete sell-out of their inaugural retreat, signaling a resounding success in our collaborative efforts.

environmental design for  Holistic Nutrition Consultant.
social media design for Holistic Nutrition Consultant.
brochure design for Holistic Nutrition Consultant.
poster design for Holistic Nutrition Consultant retreats
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