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Salt + Studio is a full-service brand experience and creative agency in Vancouver.

Our passion is to offer a unique perspective in creating authentic connections with your audience.

"I could tell they were doing it because they are really passionate about branding. This isn't just a job for them."

Root Down Holistics

"The one thing that set them apart was the really clever and innovative branding questionnaire that they use with clients on the front end to get a really solid feel for what the client is looking for. I found that approach really interesting as it made me dig deeper for the look and messages I wanted to convey through my brand."

Good Shen

I enjoyed the brand questions they had for us at the beginning. It was a lot of fun and really started our relationship in a fun way. They made this experience more enjoyable than I was expecting.

The Drinkery

Full Coverage Painting
The Gelato Spot
I'm No Better Winery

At the intersection of style and strategy, we craft dynamic brand identities that captivate audiences and drive success. With a keen eye for design flair and a strategic mindset, we blend creativity with purpose to not only dazzle but also deliver tangible results. It's where the artistry of aesthetics meets the precision of strategy, igniting brands with a spark that sets them apart in the marketplace.

awards from Clutch for being a top branding agency in vancouver

Our broad experience across various industries empowers us to create dynamic, engaging e-commerce platforms and websites that break the mold. Each design is a unique expression, tailored to captivate and convert, ensuring your online presence is as vibrant and distinctive as your brand itself.

E-commerce + Web Design

We intentionally avoid niching down to a specific market. This strategic choice allows us to bring fresh, innovative perspectives to every project we undertake.  Our diverse experience across various industries enables us to craft distinct, compelling identities that stand out in a crowded marketplace. We believe that every brand has a unique story to tell, and we are dedicated to telling it in the most dynamic and captivating way possible.

Branding + Identity

Our creative design agency has a rich history in design, fine art, and street art .This background allows us to view physical spaces with a playful, innovative lens that engages audiences in memorable ways.  We are always looking at how design and art can enhance our surroundings by working with the environment around us.

Retail + Environmental

Our strategy equips us with the versatility to deliver fresh, captivating campaigns and content that resonate across a multitude of industries.  We bring a wealth of diverse experiences to the table, allowing us to craft compelling narratives and innovative marketing strategies. Every piece of content we produce is tailored to engage your audience uniquely, ensuring that your brand voice is both distinct and impactful in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Marketing + Content

Serious Design

Focusing on non-standard or "serious" design involves breaking away from conventional rules and norms, which can be challenging but ultimately rewarding. While traditional design principles provide a safe and effective framework, they often lead to uniformity, with countless brands appearing indistinguishable. By daring to experiment and push boundaries, our creative agency builds fresh and exciting brands that stand out in a crowded marketplace. Although this approach can be tricky and requires a delicate balance of creativity and functionality, the results yield innovative and memorable designs that set a brand apart, positioning it as a leader rather than just another player in the industry.

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